Apple’s beta app for Sports Betting Sites is “an awful mistake”

Apple is now the third major US sport betting company to drop beta sports betting sites on its iOS devices.

The move comes after the launch of an iOS beta for the site, SportsBetting, and the release of the beta for NBA Live, which the company said would eventually be available for download on the App Store.

Apple said in a statement that it had been making improvements to its beta testing process and would be adding a new beta feature “soon.”

“We have made significant improvements to the beta process and the process for approving users for beta bettings,” the company added.

“We also are improving our beta testing for the new NBA Live and are currently reviewing beta support for our SportsBetter app.”

Apple’s announcement comes as sports bettors and analysts continue to express their frustration with the state of the game in the US.

The league has been rocked by the introduction of the new NFL betting sites and betting companies are continuing to release new bettards every week to the site’s loyal users.