The world’s worst-rated app beta junkie, beta academy

A beta junkier is the new “aussie boomer” – and it’s not because he’s been born a baby boomer.

The world is getting a bit of beta junk, the app beta addict.

The top-ranked beta junk app in the UK and the US, Beta Academy, has been criticised by users for not letting them keep their beta keys.

It’s not just the US that has been slammed for its lack of security and controls over beta junk.

The UK also came in second, with a beta junked version of the app also at the top of the charts.

“It’s pretty pathetic that a UK app has become the world’s biggest beta junker,” said one user, who wished to remain anonymous.

“I’m not even going to get into the many complaints of the beta junkies who have gone to a lot of trouble to get beta keys from beta academies and have never been able to redeem them,” said another.

Beta Academy is available in the US and UK, with the app having been downloaded 1.2 million times in the countries.

The app was recently ranked No 1 in Australia, No. 5 in Canada and No. 4 in New Zealand.

It has not responded to a request for comment.