How to read tweets for truth, not sarcasm

Fox News host Jesse Watters and his team of social media experts are helping people find the truth in tweets.

Read More Watters says the experts are using the same tools that are used by social media platforms to monitor the social networks, so they can identify which tweets are fake.

“Social media is a platform, a platform for people to express themselves, it’s not a place where you can say things,” Watters said.

“You don’t get a real person out there.

We can identify the most common words that are trending in a Twitter feed.”

If someone says, ‘I’m gonna do this thing’ or, ‘What do I need to do to make this happen?’ then we know that they’re a fake.

“The experts say that is a sign that someone is being dishonest or a scammer.”

We then see if they are.””

So the only way we can do it is to actually go to the person and say, ‘Are you a fake?’

We then see if they are.”

Then we can start asking them questions and we can see if there are things they are telling us that are false.

“But when we start seeing that we’re being followed or people are following them, we say, well there are probably things we can find out that you might not know, or maybe you might know something about.”

Watch the video to see the experts explain how they identify fake tweets: