Betting lines for NFL games this week: Seahawks-Broncos, Seahawks-Giants, Broncos-49ers, Broncos to win AFC title

Odds on every game this week at NFL betting lines are updated with line scores.

Seahawks-Cubs, Packers-Bears, Seahawks to win NFC title Odds: Seahawks 27.8% Seahawks 23.7% Packers 21.9% Bears 20.4% 49ers 19.8%) NFL bettors will have odds on every single NFL game this weekend at odds of 1 in 4 (the average of all NFL odds on Monday night, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday).

Odds have been updated with NFL line scores on Monday.

The Seahawks will be favored to win their third straight game after beating the Packers and Bears, but the Bears are favored over the 49ers to win the NFC.

Odds are updated from 7-3 to 7-1.

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