Betting on the upcoming Apple iPhone 6S announcement

Apple, in an effort to increase its sales, has unveiled a bettable beta blocker for its new phones, and the bettables are off track.

The bettability beta blockers are the first of their kind, and in this case it seems to have the effect of slowing down the bettor’s bet on the new phones.

Apple’s betters are being told to check the bet that is being placed on the iPhone 6, and if they don’t like it, they can simply move their bet to another bet.

This is an obvious violation of Apple’s guidelines, which states that bettors are supposed to “check their bets every day, at least every 10 days, and make them public to prevent accidental betting.”

The bettor is also told to make a backup copy of their bet, or at least take out an email attachment that says “to verify bet”.

If the bet is being made on a phone that has already been sold, Apple says it can “suspend” the bet for one day, but it says that this will not prevent it from being reinstated.

If the user doesn’t like their bet and doesn’t wish to resume the bet, they are then told to “move their bet” to another site.

If a bet is moved to another website, the bet can’t be taken back and it will continue to be suspended, Apple explained.

In a blog post, Apple said that the betting site will be “the first to be updated” to reflect this change.

Apple’s bettor should now be able to bet on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

There is no word yet on when this change will be rolled out.

Apple has previously announced that it is planning to introduce a betting system that is able to track and display bet amounts on iOS devices.

This new bettering system will be announced during Apple’s WWDC keynote, which will be streamed live.