‘Dirty Dummies’ will launch with a ‘more casual’ mode for its online betting

The popular Dirty Dummies app, which lets players bet on a variety of online games and sports, is being redesigned for a more casual gaming experience.

The app is being reworked from the ground up, and its new features will include more customizable betting options, a new feature called “bets on friends” that lets players play with friends and a feature called the “DirtyDummies Chat” which allows users to chat with friends, including via Skype, using their real names.

The Dirty Dums app launched in late August and has since racked up over $2 million in bets.

It is now available on Android and iOS.

In an interview with the CBC, developer Mike Goss said the new app will allow users to play with “friends” that are also participating in the game.

“It will be like a game of dirty diapers, it will be a little bit more casual,” Goss told the CBC.

“You’re not going to be having to worry about being the only one.”

Goss is also making changes to the app to make it more accessible for newcomers to the game, which can be played on both mobile and desktop devices.

For example, there will be an option to have users send out a message in the chat that they are playing and a “message board” where users can post comments about their game and their bets.

Goss also says he is changing the app’s “poker” setting to “penny-pinch,” which will give users more control over their bet.

“I want to make sure that there’s no question that we’re really playing with the community and trying to create something really different for our community,” Gosselin said.

“What we’re doing is giving people a new way to interact with the game that we feel is really interesting to them.”

The new Dirty Dumas app is the latest addition to the online betting scene.

The Canadian PokerStars app also launched in August, but was shut down a month later after complaints from players who claimed it was too risky to play online.

There are now more than 30 poker apps on the Android and iPhone app store, including Blackjack and Omaha.

The games are also available to watch on Twitch.tv.

In a statement to CBC News, the Canadian Pokerstars said it is working to fix issues players are experiencing with the app and its gambling features.

The company said it will also be launching a free app for iOS and Android devices in the coming weeks.