Google Chrome Beta 12 is available for free, but don’t wait for the beta to get to work

Chrome Beta is now available for anyone who wants to download and try out the latest version of Google’s mobile web browser.

But you’ll need to download the beta first.

Google released Chrome Beta 13 to developers today for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

You can grab it for free from the Google Play Store or download it from the Chrome Web Store.

Users can install the beta version by navigating to chrome://flags and hitting “download beta” as seen in the screenshot above.

The download will take a few seconds and take a while.

Once installed, you’ll be prompted to download a beta patch, which will allow you to start using Chrome Beta’s various features.

Chrome Beta has the following:Built-in browser plug-ins: Web Storage, Web Search, and Web Discovery.

The latter is an open-source Web browser plug that allows for more advanced features, such as automatic updates.

Chrome also has built-in support for Google Play Music.

You can also add extensions to Chrome Beta, and install them using Chrome’s Extensions Manager.

Extensions are installed via the Extensions Manager and allow you more control over Chrome’s interface.

Google has also made some improvements to the Web Storage tab, which lets you manage your tabs and add files from a browser, such for documents, photos, or videos.

Chrome will auto-download and install extensions you add.

It also offers a new tabbed navigation interface.

The tabbed design is also a lot better.

This is a big deal for the developer community, as it means that extensions are a lot more visible and easier to use.

The tabbed layout allows you to easily see all your tabs, whether they’re in the top bar or the bottom.

The bottom bar also offers new tab design features like tab switcher and tabs toggles.

You’ll also see a more prominent search bar in the upper left corner, and the extension page is now more visible.

Chrome Beta 13 also includes a couple of new features that Google says will make the experience of browsing web pages smoother.

First off, Chrome Beta now includes support for the HTML5 canvas element.

This means that you can use it in your webpages as well as on mobile.

Chrome has been working on supporting this for a long time now, but Google made a big push to make it available to everyone.

Secondly, Chrome beta is now a fully native app, meaning you can now use it as a standalone application on your Android or Windows Phone phone.

In fact, this means that there is no need to install a separate Google Chrome extension for it to work.

If you’re on a desktop PC, you can still use Chrome Beta on your phone.

Chromium is a free alternative to Chrome.

Google says that Chromium offers the best user experience on desktop computers.

Google says that Google will continue to work with developers to make Chrome Beta available for download for the Android and iOS platforms.

This includes bug fixes and security updates, and more.

As of right now, Chrome is available on all of the major browsers.