When will the first shadowlands beta be available?

When the first beta of the Shadowlands beta for Windows Phone 8 is live, the platform holders are expected to make the app available to a wider audience.

With the Windows Phone app on the horizon, many of us will likely be able to get our hands on the first Shadowlands release, which will be available on Thursday, March 31st, and will bring the title to more platforms than ever before.

But before we get started, here are some of the most common questions we are still being asked about the beta, which is expected to hit Windows Phone on March 31.1.

What is the beta for?

Shadowlands will be coming to Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone RT, but the platform holder hasn’t revealed which platform.

What platforms will the beta come to?

It seems that the beta will be launched for Windows 8 and Windows RT.2.

Will the app be free?

Yes, the app is free for all users.3.

Will I be able play Shadowlands on my phone?

No, Shadowlands is not available for the mobile platform.4.

What are the features of the app?

The beta will bring an improved version of the mobile version of Shadowlands.

The app will include a new UI, improved features, a better game selection, and more.5.

Will there be games?


The game selection will be much more extensive than in the mobile game.6.

Will games work on the PC?

Shadowland has been a game for a while now, but Microsoft has said it will be releasing an update to bring support for Windows 10, but this isn’t certain.7.

Will this beta feature the latest Windows Phone OS?


What do I need to do to get started?

Follow these simple steps to get Shadowlands running on your Windows Phone:1.

Install the app on your phone.2: Launch the app.3: Tap Settings and tap Developer options.4: Tap Apps, tap Shadowlands, and tap Download.5: Select the “Windows Phone” option and download the latest version of Windows Phone.6: Once downloaded, install the app and start playing Shadowlands with ease.

The beta of Shadowland is expected be live on March 30, and users are encouraged to stay tuned for more information on the app, which should be available to download for free to Windows Phones as soon as possible.