NFL betting odds: New Vegas Super Bowl bet, Vegas betting line, NFL best bets

On Thursday, a Vegas Superbowl bet of $1,000 was announced by ESPN’s betting odds site, BetCo.

On Thursday afternoon, a New York Times report claimed that Vegas betting odds were down over half from the last few days, and the odds for the New York Jets were at or below average.

That was followed by an ESPN report claiming that Vegas sportsbook odds were also down over 50%.

In a statement to the New Yorker, a spokesman for the Las Vegas sportsbooks said that they were looking into the report.

“The odds for this weekend’s Super Bowl have not changed,” the statement said.

“Our Vegas odds have been at or above average for the past several weeks, but we have a variety of possible changes that could impact the market.

Our team is assessing the situation and will continue to monitor the market.”

ESPN’s Vegas odds also showed that the New England Patriots had the second-best odds of $4,000 on the game, and that the Buffalo Bills were in a tie for third-best with the Indianapolis Colts at $1.

The odds for Vegas betting lines were up 1.2% to $1 in the last two hours.