Overwatch beta test opens on Macs, iOS beta now live

Overwatch beta is now live in Macs and iOS.

Overwatch is now officially a Mac game, and a Mac beta will be available soon on the Mac.

Beta users will be able to try out Overwatch from a new beta server.

The beta is still live, but you won’t have to wait to try it.

Overwatch will be playable in your Mac or iOS device through the beta website.

You can find the beta on the official Overwatch website.

If you’re a Mac user who hasn’t played Overwatch yet, you can read our guide to getting started with Overwatch on your computer.

Overwatch beta testers will get a copy of the game and a free copy of Overwatch Gold from Blizzard.com.

If your Mac is running OS X El Capitan or higher, you’ll be able install Overwatch Gold via Homebrew Software or your favorite app store.

The Mac beta is available to registered beta testers through October 16.

If it’s not working on your Mac, you may need to use an app from another app store or from the App Store to download the beta.

For those who can’t wait, Blizzard is giving away a copy and beta codes for a free game for a month to anyone who participates in the beta test.

The game is available on iOS, Android, and Mac.

You’ll be notified of the promotion once it’s available, so you’ll have time to sign up.

The full list of beta testers is available at the official Blizzard website.

We’ll update this article when Overwatch beta testing on Mac and iOS goes live.