Which apps and games are worth the upgrade?

The Australian Financial Conduct Authority has launched an investigation into Apple’s latest update to its iOS and tvOS app store, which is expected to arrive on Thursday.

The new version of the app will bring with it a host of changes, including a revamped login system, which will make it easier for developers to create and distribute apps and video games.”iOS 11 introduces a new login system that allows you to log in to apps, movies, TV shows, games and much more from your Apple ID or iCloud account,” Apple said in a blog post on Thursday, adding that it was committed to continuing to make it “the most secure and convenient way to access and manage your Apple devices”.

It is unclear how many users will be affected by the new login, but developers are already warning that the update will be “unrelenting”.

“Apple will not be the last company to introduce changes to their app store to appease users and developers alike,” developer Simon Rambam wrote on the iOS Developer forum.

“While I personally use the iOS app store for my day to day computing, the app store is already a dangerous place for developers and we are worried the same can happen with iOS 11.”

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Apple has made a decision to go public with this news, given the recent changes to Apple’s app store,” Rambams comments read.

“This update comes on the heels of a huge public backlash over Apple’s iOS 11 update which, while well-intentioned, is just another step backwards for the company.”

Rambam added that he would like to see Apple release a statement clarifying the changes, but was not certain that the company would be able to do so at this stage.

Rambams complaints follow a string of complaints about Apple’s updates to its app store.

Earlier this month, Apple said that it would be introducing new restrictions on developers who make apps that bypass iOS’ authentication mechanisms and require the use of the App Store.

Apple also recently added a new “Apps for iPhone” category to its App Store and announced that it is removing some apps from the AppStore.

Despite Apple’s move to push out updates to the iOS store, some developers are still unsure of how Apple will enforce its new rules.

Some users have also expressed frustration with the fact that some apps on the App store have been removed for violating Apple’s privacy policy, although Apple has stated that these apps are not available in the App stores.

Users of the new iOS app will have to install a special iOS app to download the update, as well as a new iOS device and the necessary permissions to access the new app store and its content.