Which bet is the best bet to win this year?

The odds are stacked against beta bet, but bettors are still paying a premium, and that’s making a big difference. 

Bets are being placed on the odds for President Trump, a Republican, by a large margin. 

In the last two weeks, bettor accounts for nearly 50% of bets, with about 3.6 million bets placed on bets from betters with an average net profit of $1.2 million. 

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Betting on President Trump and other political figures is still a popular bet with bettoring professionals, but the recent uptick in bets on the election is causing an uptick in the total amount of bets made. 

“It’s not a great bet to be on the side of the president,” said Bill Wertheimer, a senior managing director at Betfair.

“People are making money on it, but they’re taking it with a grain of salt. 

This is going to be a big year for this election, and I think it’s going to get a lot worse.”

The Trump odds are up in recent weeks and are currently trading at a 3.5-to-1 chance of winning the presidency, according to the site. 

Betting experts say it’s too early to say how the election will turn out, but it’s clear that the bettouring industry is on the rise. 

The average price for a bet on President Donald Trump is about $8,000, and about 70% of all bets placed in bettored contests are placed on his name, according a Betfair survey of bettORS, an industry newsletter. 

That is higher than the $4,000 average for a Trump bet, according the site, which shows that most bets are placed to bet against the candidate. 

And that’s with the same odds as last week, which was the highest level for any bettor in November since the start of the year. 

A majority of bets were placed on a Clinton bet, while a large number were placed in a Trump Trump bet. 

But there are some signs that the Trump bet has taken a hit this week. 

While Trump has been leading in the polls nationally, he’s been winning some contests in states that Trump carried by a margin of over 10 percentage points. 

Trump is also winning more than 50% in his home state of New York, where he has been a dominant figure for months. 

Some of those wins have come in the past week, including in Pennsylvania, where Trump has led by an average of about 7 percentage points since the beginning of the month. 

His campaign has also been doing well in battleground states like Ohio and Virginia, where polls have been tightening. 

As of Monday, the president is leading Clinton by about 2 percentage points in Pennsylvania and 2 percentage for Trump in Ohio. 

It was also Trump who won the Electoral College in both Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

Clinton is leading in Pennsylvania by about 8 percentage points, while Trump is leading by about 4 percentage points there. 

Despite those victories, Trump has struggled in the Midwest, with a 3-point lead for the former secretary of state in Michigan and a 1-point margin for the GOP nominee in Ohio and Wisconsin. 

On the flip side, Clinton is ahead in Wisconsin by about 1 point in the Badger State and is leading Trump by about 5 points in Michigan. 

For Trump, the big news in recent days is that he’s leading in Iowa, where the winner takes the White House with a 10-point advantage. 

Meanwhile, in Michigan, Clinton leads by about 10 points in the state, while the Democrat is up by more than 2 points in Wisconsin.

Clinton is also leading in New Hampshire, with Clinton leading by 4 points there and a 4-point edge in Florida. 

Both Clinton and Trump are up by 4 in Colorado, while Clinton leads Trump by 2 points there as well.

Trump is leading on the economy and job creation, and on foreign policy, according Betfair’s Betfair odds. 

He is ahead on the stock market, with the market expected to hit a new high in the next 24 hours, Betfair said. 

Although Trump is doing well with his voters, he is doing worse among white voters, BetFair said.

Betfair says the Trump lead is also growing in battlegrounds like Arizona, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, with Trump winning all of those states by about 3 points.

Trump’s lead is expanding in Pennsylvania as well, where Betfair says he is leading for now, though he’s down by more then 10 points since early August. 

Those polls are especially important for Trump, as he has struggled to win over those voters, especially in the Rust Belt states where his campaign has struggled. One recent