How to bet on NBA Finals games and NBA Draft lottery with Saratoga Bet

The NBA Finals and NBA draft lottery have become one of the most popular sports betting opportunities this year.

The games are a $1.5 billion event and the first two rounds of the NBA playoffs have generated more than $100 million in bets.

Sarataga Bet’s new esports betting service, Sarataca, will allow sports fans to bet in both the NBA and NBA Finals on Saratacan’s live betting site.

The service will allow fans to check the odds of the games and make money betting on NBA players or teams in the first round of the playoffs, according to a release.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Sarati to offer esports betting in the NFL and NBA finals,” Sarati Sports VP of business development Kevin McCartin said in a statement.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for sports fans who love esports to have the ability to bet at the highest level.”

The esports betting platform will be available on the Saratacas betting app, and will be open to all sports fans.