How to watch the big games on TV and on TV…

The best betting site is on TV, but we can’t watch them on TV if we don’t have an antenna.

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Bet on football We have the best TV picks in the nation.

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Bet Big on sports betting The best sports betting site has big football and baseball betting odds.


Bet your home with your smartphone or tablet This is the best way to bet your house.


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1: ESPN – $1.50 2: ESPN2 – $2.50 3: ESPN3 – $4.50 4: ESPN4 – $5.50 5: Fox Sports 1 – $6.50 6: Fox Soccer – $7.50 7: Fox NHL – $8.50 8: Fox NFL – $9.50 9: Fox UFC – $10.50 10: NFL Live – $12.50