NFL betting owners to boycott ‘racist’ Trump tweet

NFL bet owners will boycott a tweet from Donald Trump that suggested their sport was a “race baiting” sport.

“I am boycotting NFL bets until @realDonaldTrump apologizes for this vile tweet,” NFL betting association chief executive officer John Mara tweeted on Thursday.

The tweet came days after the White House said it would not allow African-American players to participate in NFL games.”NFL and its teams have played an important role in making America great and are committed to continuing to do so.

The NFL is committed to supporting the values and history of the NFL, which is built on integrity, fairness and respect for all players and fans,” Mara wrote.”

The tweet in question was an offensive, racist and demeaning comment and I am appalled that any of the owners of our great game would use this moment to belittle and denigrate the African-Americans and people of color who are NFL players,” Mara added.

A spokesperson for the NFL Players Association did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The tweets drew criticism from some sports media outlets, including the Washington Post and Sporting News.