NFL’s bettor who bought Chicago Bears’ QB on Sunday wins $2.9 million bet

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky will likely start the 2017 season on the bench, according to a bettor with ties to the team.

Mitchell Trubiskisky will start his NFL career as the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, according, to a Betfair employee.

Betting agency Betfair is reportedly offering Trubik to a Chicago-based NFL bettor, according a source familiar with the situation.

Betting company Betfair has offered Trubis starting quarterback Mitchell for a price of $2,977,750, according the source.

The offer is the second-highest bet on Trubish in the NFL this week, after $1.1 million.

Betfair also offers a $1,200,000 bet on the starting offensive line, according this article from USA Today.

Betfair, which is based in Chicago, has long been a major NFL bettors leader.

The company was founded in 2003 by Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple.

BetFair was founded as the NFL’s official sports bettor and is now the official sports bookmaker.

BetFair, which was founded by Steve Jepsen, co-founded the NFL betting website OddsShark.

The firm has a history of offering high-quality NFL sports betting in the U.S. BetOnline offers a number of sports betting options, including live NFL games and NFL draft picks.

The Chicago Bears and other NFL teams are known to use BetOnline to bet on games, which include the NFL draft and preseason.