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Beta is a poker software, that enables you to play online and also on your TV.

This is the story of the company, how they came up with the idea, and the people behind it.

I sat down with Beta’s CEO, Simon Goudeau, and asked him about how the poker game was invented.

What made you want to make a documentary about Beta?

We started making a documentary two years ago and it was always our intention to tell a story, but we didn’t know how.

We started with some very basic facts about the company and how they were made, and we just started to wonder what the story was.

We found a website that had a great amount of information about Beta, and when we searched the word “beta”, we found a lot of information.

We were looking for the truth, and that’s what we were looking to get across.

Why did you decide to make this documentary?

It was always in the back of our mind that if we make a film about a company, it should tell a true story.

There was no question in our minds about the accuracy of that information, and in fact, we were very interested in getting it right.

What was your inspiration to make the documentary?

Simon Gaudeau: The first thing that we did when we started was to read the Beta Beta site.

We immediately wanted to tell the story and we found that Beta is just a huge success story, with a great deal of success in the world of online poker.

We got the idea that we wanted to put the story to a film and then to try and make it a bit more credible than it was already.

So we set out to make it more like an actual story, so that people would actually believe what was being said.

We didn’t set out that we were going to tell it like a true crime documentary, but if we told it as it really happened, people would be shocked and we would want to know how we could do better in this business.

What’s your favourite thing about the Beta world?

It’s a very fun place to be.

I think people really enjoy making mistakes, especially when you’re a beginner and you’re working with a bunch of other people.

There’s also a lot that people can learn from each other.

People can share their experiences and the lessons that they have learned.

Simon Gaudi: It’s definitely fun to play.

I like that we get to see each other’s mistakes and we get the benefit of our mistakes.

The people we have played with, we like them, but it’s also fun to work with and compete with them.

I have played a lot with guys that are a lot better players than me, and they’re also very good at what they do.

It’s also great to play against people that are really good players.

Simon: It was great to get to work on the film.

It was the first time we’ve ever worked together on a film, so it was really exciting.

What do you think of the new Alpha poker beta?

I like the idea of poker being played online and with real players.

It sounds crazy, but I think that’s the future of the industry.

Simon’s also very excited about the Alpha poker Beta, which is a very powerful tool.

Alpha poker is a great product that allows players to play on their TV without the risk of losing their money.

It allows them to make big money and it also lets them keep playing and improve.

Simon said that Alpha poker has a lot to offer the world, and there’s a lot more to come.

I hope that the people that I talk to are doing a lot for poker.

If you’re in the market for a poker chip, I highly recommend you take a look at Alpha poker.

You can find out more about Alpha poker and other games on the Alpha Poker website.

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These sites are owned by Betfair and are also owned by the same companies that own PokerStars.

They’re called Alpha and Bet365, and you can bet on them from your mobile device or computer.

Betfair owns the majority of these sites, with the exception of PokerStars, but the sites have different ownership structures.

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