What are NFL bettors betting on in the preseason?

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Betting odds for the preseason NFL are currently at 2.924.

According to the website, the preseason game is set for Nov. 2, with a $4 bet on a Cowboys victory and a $10 bet on the Colts taking the crown.

Bet on a Cowboy victory, and you’re in.

Bet the Colts win, and your bet goes down to zero.

If the Colts lose, your bet is back up to $10.

Bet that the Colts take the title and you lose everything.

Bet against the Colts, and the bet is off to the races.

Bet for the Colts and you’ll lose.

Bet in favor of the Colts.

Bet your own money and the odds are at 2,924, which is still a lot better than the $4/5/10 odds.

Bet against your own team and the Cowboys are off to a slow start.

Bet money and take a loss on a Dallas win and you could be left with $3.10.

But if you want to make sure your bet gets put to good use, you can use the NFL Bettors Calculator to get an idea of the odds you’ll be getting on the field.

The betting odds are as follows:The odds on a game between the Cowboys and the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium are currently set at 8.6.

Bet $10 to get the Cowboys to a 7-7 tie with the Colts on Nov. 1.

The Cowboys will win the game, and their odds would be at 2-2 on a 4-3 Cowboys victory.

Bet an additional $10 and your odds would go up to 6.8, which would put the Cowboys up a bit over the Colts in the division standings.

Bet 10 times to get a Dallas-Indianapolis divisional game.

The odds would jump to 12-3 on the Cowboys victory, with the odds going up again to 18-3 for the Eagles victory.

If you want the best odds on your bet, it might be best to get out and get out early.

The NFL Betts Calculator gives you the option to bet in favor or against your team and, depending on the result, you’ll get a different spread for your bet.

The spread is 1/8 for a 4th-quarter Cowboys victory while 2/4 for a 5th-down loss.

Bet 100 times and your team would get an even spread for their game, with odds at 4/5 and a 4/6 Cowboys win.

Bet 500 times and the spread is 5/6, with your odds at 5/5.

Bet 1000 times and you get the spread of 2/3 for a 7th-point Cowboys loss.

With the odds so high for the Cowboys, they could be looking to make some big plays to win their first-round matchup against the defending champion Colts.

If you’re looking to get some real action early, take advantage of the NFLBetts Calculator and put your money in and make your bet before it’s too late.