When will the guys beta the beta?

We’re still a few days away from the beta release of the first beta of the upcoming Android app store, but that hasn’t stopped people from already taking a peek.

Today, the app store announced a new beta that’s already being tested and has some exciting features.

The beta will be available to users on Google Play for $9.99 a month.

It will also be available for $5.99 via the Google Play Store on iOS devices.

This version of the app will have no ads and will be the only one that will work on any Android device that’s running Android 4.3 or later.

It’s also the first version to include a full version of Google Play Games, Google Play Music, Google Maps, Google Photos, and Google Play Movies and TV.

Google Play Books, Google Books, and the Google Books app are among the apps available for download in the beta, along with the Android app that will launch in September.

The Google Books beta is expected to have a few new features, but there’s not much detail available right now.

The app will offer to “take over your favorite bookshelf”, so it’ll be able to add a book to your library or store them for offline reading.

There will also hopefully be “better storage” in the Google books app for users with older devices.

Google will be adding new “games and other content” to the beta in the next few days.

Google has already added a number of games and other apps to the Google store, including Angry Birds, a game that has since been taken down by Google.

It also added another game called Google Play Books to its app store in December.

Google also announced a partnership with YouTube to offer more “YouTube-style video” content for free in the app.

As for the other apps, the Google Maps beta will have a new way of finding your current location and more information about the app, along, in part, with Google’s own map data.

This will help users find their way around Google Maps on the go, and it will also provide better navigation for users of the iOS app, Google Home, or other devices that have a Google Maps-like app.

There’s also a new “music” section that will allow users to play music on the fly and search the store for the songs they want to listen to.

The Android app beta will also have more of the same, but it will have some new features and a new version of a feature Google has been working on since September.

The Google Play books beta is being released to Android devices with the help of a new API that will enable Google to do some things like add in-app purchases.

These purchases can be made through the Google App Store or in the Play Store, which means that Google’s paid apps won’t have to pay any extra money for in-store purchases.

Users of the beta will get access to Google Maps and Google’s voice search service.

These features will also allow Google to help users locate local restaurants and bars and to help the search engine figure out how much a restaurant has in stock.

Google has been testing a number new features in the Android beta, and there’s a good chance that this is the first time that these features will be made available for the beta users.