What is the new version of the Android OS beta?

Google’s latest beta of Android OS, Android 8.0 Oreo, has some big changes to its look and feel.

This beta of the OS is now called “Android Oreo.”

While the beta is still beta, there are some major changes in the look and new features.

Read more on the latest version of Android.1.

Improved performanceThe new OS beta has some major performance improvements.

This means the OS now runs faster than the current beta, and you should see significant performance improvements on your device.2.

ThemesA new app drawer has been added to the Settings menu.

You can now select between several themes for the OS.3.

More battery lifeThe OS beta is now a little more battery-friendly.

The beta version of OS has only a 1.5% battery drain compared to the current release, but now it’s up to 4%.

You can still expect a lot more battery life in the OS beta, especially when you’re browsing the web and playing games.4.

Google Photos is backGoogle Photos is now available in the Settings.

Google has added a new photo viewer to the Photos app.

You now can switch between a photo editor and a photo album.5.

Google Drive is now much more stableGoogle Drive is a cloud storage service that lets you share files across multiple devices.

Google says that it’s now much less unstable than before, and that Google Drive can be used for more than one app.6.

Google Now is better Google Now has also been improved in the new OS.

It now works on all Android phones and tablets.

The only difference is that you can now customize it.

This is because Google is now creating an API to create your own Google Now-like experiences.

This includes an “Ask Me Anything” feature that will allow you to answer questions.

The new OS now allows for this.7.

Google Assistant is more accurateGoogle Assistant is now more accurate.

It has a “buzz” feature, and now it also understands when you say the word “go” in a particular sentence.

It also understands if you’re on the phone or if you are typing into your keyboard.

It’s also now able to tell if you’ve got a battery drain issue and will tell you what to do.8.

Battery life is improvedIn the OS, Google says it has increased battery life by up to 10% for the Beta version.

This also applies to the Android 8 Beta.9.

Google Home is back Google Home, which is Google’s smart home product, is now back in the Android Oreo beta.10.

Battery drain is now betterGoogle says that its software battery drain is down to 5%.

This means that the battery drain has been reduced by more than 5% in the beta.

This will make battery life more consistent throughout the day, which will help you to get a better and longer battery life.11.

More privacy optionsIn the Android beta, Google was able to offer a few extra privacy options.

The most important privacy option is “No Location Location Requests.”

Google says you can opt in to this by selecting the “Privacy” setting in the “Settings” menu.

This option lets you opt out of receiving “location data,” which is the data Google uses to know your location.

It is important to note that this is only available for the Android Beta version of 8.1 Oreo.

The second privacy option in the settings is “Location History.”

This allows you to see all the location data Google has collected for you.

Google will also be able to track your activity with your location data.

Google also is now allowing you to opt in or out of Google Maps on Android Oreos.

It allows you, for example, to have Google Maps automatically send you directions to the right location.12.

More notificationsGoogle now allows you more notifications.

You’ll now see a notification when Google is notified of a bug in the app, or when Google says something on the Internet about something.

You will also get an alert when Google updates an app, website, or new feature in the Google Play Store.13.

Google search is more usefulThe Google search feature is more important in the Beta because it’s getting better.

The search features in the current OS version have a few bugs.

For example, Google doesn’t always remember the URL you searched for, and when you enter a new URL, the search will sometimes forget what you searched.

This new feature makes the search much faster and easier.

Google is also introducing a new search function.

You still need to be in the search bar to use this new search.

The old search bar is now part of the search interface.14.

Google News is betterGoogle News is a social news app.

It currently has the same search functionality as Google+, which is a news aggregator.

You have a link to your friends and followers that are more in line with your interests.

This feature