When it comes to NFL prop bets: Vegas is Vegas

Vegas sportsbooks have been putting up bets on the biggest sports games in the world.

The NFL season is in full swing and the odds are on a big week of action.

Vegas sportsbook operator Betfair is now offering bets on a wide range of games from the NBA playoffs, World Cup and MLB All-Star games, the NCAA basketball tournament and even the Ryder Cup.

Betfair is offering the following bets:• Bet on a Ryder Cup event• Bet $1 on a World Cup game• Bet over $5,000 on the NCAA tournament.

Betwise says that the NHL playoffs are the most popular bet at Betfair, with $1,500 bets for every $1 spent.

However, that’s only on the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which the sportsbooks say will be a “big week of sports action.”

Betfair also offers the following betting lines:• If the playoffs are in your favour, you could win $5k for every win.• If you need a big win, this line could give you $20k to win $50k.• This line could earn you $30k for a win.

Better is offering $1k on the Ryder Cups.

Betfair says this line of bets will also earn you a big chunk of money.

Betting on Ryder Cup will only net you $1K on the day of the event.

Better says if you can’t make the $1 million in bets on Ryder Cups, you will need to invest in other sports betting options.