Why You Can’t Have Your Pancreas Cells All In One Transplant

A doctor who has just delivered a baby has successfully implanted a pancrease into a man’s chest.

The baby has been named Adam and the operation is now in the pipeline.

“Adam was born in the operating room, but I have a feeling he will be with us in the hospital as soon as possible,” the doctor told the Associated Press.

Adam was born at a hospital in Sweden and has since been transferred to the University of Chicago’s Langone Medical Center.

His pancreases will be connected to a blood supply and a kidney, where they’ll be able to deliver blood and nutrients to Adam’s heart, the AP reports.

“We believe this could be the most important transplant in the world,” Dr. Martin Fagerstrom, the surgeon who delivered Adam, told the AP.

“I can’t think of a better outcome.”

Adam will likely have to undergo several rounds of surgery before the transplant is complete.

But Dr. Fagerstro is optimistic that he’ll be back on the job in about two weeks.

He says Adam’s health has improved significantly.

He has a chance of living longer than expected, with the pancreased cells coming from a pancreatic organ, according to the Associated News.

“He’s getting a lot of oxygen to the pancrea, so he’s able to keep going,” Fagerstrum said.

“The hope is that in about a week or two, he will have a chance to make it to his birthday and then he will make it back to work.”

Adam’s parents, Lisa and James, are raising money to buy Adam a car.

Adam’s mother told the ABC that her son had been given a great deal of time to prepare for this surgery, but she is “extremely grateful for the opportunity” to be a part of it.

“It has been a huge relief for our family,” Lisa Fagerststrom said.

The transplant has raised more than $15,000 for Adam’s family, according the Associated Statesman.