The Seahawks will host the Panthers in Super Bowl 50

It’s a great story of a team coming back from a Super Bowl defeat.

The Seahawks are playing their first game after the franchise was shuttered in 2020.

They are going to be on the field in a Super-Bowl game, which means they have to be in shape and have a good performance on the ground.

And they do.

Seattle’s 2017 season was arguably the best the team has had in a long time, and it’s not hard to see why.

There’s a ton of depth, a strong secondary and the best offense in the NFL.

Here’s a look at how things look for the Seahawks in this year’s Super Bowl.


Seahawks Offense vs. Panthers Defense In the opening game of the season, the Seahawks offense was a bit sloppy, with an average of 1.6 yards per play.

They went 0-for-7 on third down and averaged 3.3 yards per carry.

The defense was also a bit sluggish in the first half, allowing 3.4 yards per pass attempt.

But by halftime, the Panthers were a little more consistent, going 5-for5 on third downs and 3.5 yards per attempt.

They were able to do that despite the lack of running game.

Carolina is one of the worst defenses in the league.

The Panthers are also one of its best.

They lead the NFL in rushing (7.1 yards per rush) and are the league’s No. 1 rushing defense.

It was a great game for Russell Wilson, who completed 18 of his 27 passes for 220 yards and three touchdowns.

Wilson was sacked only twice, and he only threw one interception.

Wilson also threw a pick-six and returned a punt for a touchdown.

Wilson’s two interceptions led to two touchdown passes by Russell Wilson and three interceptions by Carolina’s defense.

The offense was good enough to beat the Panthers and their defense in the season opener, but the defense was not as good as in the regular season.


Seahawks Defensive Line vs. Panther Offensive Line This is where things get interesting.

Both offenses have some very good players, but they have different styles.

In the regular seasons, Carolina has a great line that has the ability to win when it is in the right place and when it can make a play on the ball.

Seattle has a lot of talent on this side of the ball, but their best defensive line is not that talented.

The only player on the Seahawks defense that is really worth noting is the No. 2 overall pick, Derek Barnett.

Barnett is one the best defensive linemen in the entire NFL, and one of his best skills is his ability to stop the run.

The way the Seahawks used him, though, is really impressive.

They moved him from right tackle to left guard, and his job was to make sure that all of his lineman were aligned correctly, so he could make the most of their athleticism and athleticism in space.

He also had to make smart decisions on what he was looking for to make his blockers better, like making sure he was watching for blockers who were more likely to get into his gaps.

He made some big plays, too, as he made an interception on a pass intended for rookie wide receiver Mike Williams.

The best part is that the Seahawks line is one that has been able to play at a high level this year.

The defensive line allowed just 12 sacks this season, but it has been one of their better lines.


Seahawks Cornerbacks vs. Cam’s Offense The Seahawks were good on special teams, but Cam’s defense was even better on the other side of things.

Seattle allowed only one punt return touchdown all season, and they allowed just three on punt returns, according to Pro Football Focus.

They also allowed only 10 punt returns for the season.

The biggest difference between the teams this season was the way that the safeties played.

Cam had a lot more help in the middle of the field, and Seattle was able to use its nickel package to get a lot in the secondary.

Seattle also was able in the nickel package.

The Seattle secondary has had some success in the past, especially with rookie corner Desmond Trufant, who has been a solid player for the Panthers.

Trufants playmaking ability helped make him a standout in the Seahawks secondary this season.

Truffants has been phenomenal in coverage this year, and now has a chance to play in the Super Bowl for the first time.


Seahawks Running Backs vs. Carolina Defensive Line In this game, the running backs played a little differently than in the previous Super Bowl game.

Seattle had two run plays, one in the fourth quarter and one in overtime.

Seattle ran a lot and had a very good running game, averaging 2.3 rushing yards per run and 2.5 rushing yards on the season with five carries for 15 yards or more.

The difference between this game and the first one was the pass rush.

Seattle got pressure on a lot on its first drive, and the Panthers did a nice job of getting