How to win Kentucky Derby betting

When Kentucky Derby Betting is on the Line!The Kentucky Derby has never been a race to the finish line, but for some teams it has become a race against time to get there.The Kentucky Derby is usually one of the biggest races in the world and many teams will be […]

What is the Super Beta prostate?

Super Beta Prostate is a term used to describe an individual who has no prostate gland but has an enlarged prostate.They can also be referred to as a “Super Beta” or “Big B”.They have no testicles, but have no problems with having to urinate or defecate.The name Super Beta comes […]

Betos Tacos is coming to TV and in restaurants!

Betos Taco is coming on TV and on the Grill.The fast-casual chain has partnered with NBCUniversal to bring the restaurant to TV, and it’s being called the “fastest-casually-accessible restaurant in the world.”The company says it will be available for both the home and at restaurants across the country in 2018.The […]

Why bet365 is a winner

Bet365 has been awarded a Top 5 award from the UK’s top sports betting sites for their beta service.Bet365, which launched in October last year, has become the top betting site in the UK and offers the most advanced betting experience for sports betting in the world.The top 10 sports […]